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Around the Venue (BEXCO)

Haeundae Beach

Haeundae boasts an ideal wide, sandy beach and shallow waters with gentle ripples. At the mention of 'Busan', 'Haeundae' is the first to spring to mind, and it surely is the city's representative spot. In particular, with the buildings and upscale hotels along the shoreline, the beach is well-known for its modern feel.

BEXCO > Haeundae Beach: About 10 minutes by car

Shinsegae Centum City Department Store

The Shinsegae Centum City Daepartment Store is registered in the Guinness Book of World Records as the world's largest department store. Not only does it contain clothes stores and eateries, but it is also the only place in Busan where shopping can be enjoyed along with an indoor ice rink, golf range, CGV movie theater and Spa Land which offers relaxation in the middle of the city, with views of the Suyeong River and the sea. This is a combined shopping and entertainment complex which can be enjoyed throughout the year.

BEXCO > Shinsegae Centum City Department Store : About 10 minutes on foot

UN Memorial Park

The UN Memorial Park is the only cemetery honoring UN soldiers, commemorating the 2300 soldiers from 11 countries who sacrificed their lives during the Korean War for world peace and freedom. The park contained within has more than 600 types of trees.

BEXCO > UN Memorial Park : About 15 minutes by car

Busan Cinema Center

A place where cinema fanatics gather, the center has held special screenings of major directors and genres, introducing the public to high quality art house movies and at the same time bringing locally produced independent movies to people. The asymmetrical big tube cantilever roof with 120,000 LED lights and measuring 85m in length boasts spectacular night views.

BEXCO > Busan Cinema Center : About 5 minutes by car / About 15 minutes on foot

Must-See Places in Busan

Jagalchi Market

A place where freshly caught fish is bought and sold. The first floor of the building is the fish market while the second floor has a raw fish center and a dried seafood section. Fresh fish can be bought for comparatively low prices, and an economical meal can be enjoyed by buying the fish from the market and then taking it upstairs to the raw fish center where it can be prepared for just a small additional cost to cover seasonings and maeuntang (spicy fish soup).

BEXCO > Jagalchi Market: About 30 minutes by car

Gukje Market

This market is a reminder that Busan was once the largest trade city in Korea. Gukje Market is large in scale and including various foreign items, a vast array of goods are offered at bargain prices.

BEXCO > Gukje Market: About 30 minutes by car

BIFF Square

The first Busan International Film festival in 1996 was the first of its kind in Korea. Since then BIFF has grown to become the world's most dynamic film festival and Asia's largest festival. The BIFF Square is at the center of the 4 movie theaters in Nampo-dong and is a combined entertainment space for movie-watching and shopping. It is also called 'Star Street' for its circular stage and the handprints of famous movie industry celebrities.

BEXCO > BIFF Square: About 30 minutes by car

Taejongdae Resort Park

Taejongdae was named after the 29th king of Silla Dynasty King Taejong Muyeol (Kim Chun-chu). While traveling around the country, King Taejong had been attracted to this spot with its rugged cliffs surrounded by dense pine forests and the sea and he enjoyed shooting arrows here. Taejongdae is abundant in its cliffs, which seem as if they have been trimmed by the sea, and uniquely-formed rocks, believed to have been formed during the 4th interglacial period 120,000 years ago. The breathtaking views here enable visitors to appreciate Busan's natural history.

BEXCO > Taejongdae Resort Park : About 35 minutes by car


Seomyeon 1-beonga, or Seomyeon First Street, is the busiest spot in lively Seomyeon. The street is equipped with shopping and other facilities. Connected to Lotte Hotel and Lotte Department Store, it is a favorite with both local and international visitors. Various stage performances are held in spring and autumn. Seomyeon's Medical Street in Busanjin-gu has country's biggest concentration of medical facilities. It contains approximately 113 medical and cosmetic clinics and facilities, allowing visitors to indulge in travel which caters to individual needs.

BEXCO > Seomyeon : About 20 minutes by car

Nurimaru APEC House

Since the APEC Summit Meeting in 2005, the Nurimaru APEC House has been the host of high quality international conferences and today the popular tourist spot still sees a daily 4000-5000 visitors. The Korean name 'nurimaru' means 'summit of the world' and the building is modelled on the traditional Korean jeongja, or pavilion. Visitors can feel the presence of the summit meeting inside the building.

BEXCO > Nurimaru APEC House : About 10 minutes by car

Dalmaji Hill

Located just beyond Haeundae, Dalmaji Road is a small, serene walkway on the corner to Songjeong Beach (on the slope of Wausan, or Mount Wau) and has a treasure of beautiful cherry blossoms and pine trees. On the nights of the full moon the moon gently reflects off the sea, offering perfect views. The many modern art galleries and pretty cafes give the place its nickname of 'Culture Street'.

BEXCO > Dalmaji Hill : About 20 minutes by car

Mount Hwangnyeong Night Scenery

Mount Hwangnyeong, boasting spectacular views, is a popular spot well-known for night hiking. With its amazing scenery of the city's buildings lights and the lights of the Gwangan Bridge reflecting off the waters beneath, the spot is considered a 'must-see' for visitors. The observatory located halfway up the mountain embraces Haeundae, the city and the surrounding sea in one gaze.

BEXCO > Mount Hwangnyeong Night Scenery : About 20 minutes by car

Gwangan Bridge

Gwangan Bridge stretches over 7.4km and is the largest bridge over the ocean in South Korea. The bridge showcases wonderful night views and the upper part of the bridge captures the scenery of the sea and nearby cities.

BEXCO > Gwangan Bridge : About 10 minutes by car